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Tuesday, April 18

1:15pm BST

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Tuesday April 18, 2017 1:15pm - 2:00pm BST
Palm Court

2:00pm BST

The Now and Future of Customer Success
Customer Success groups are proliferating across the business landscape faster than can be imagined.  The named, designated role of Customer Success Management that began with a SaaS company in 2004 has grown far beyond the software industry.  The numbers of open Customer Success executive positions worldwide continue to skyrocket.  But in all the increase and expansion, key questions remain to be answered.  Is Customer Success a distinct profession?  How is the CS role generally defined and perceived?  How do companies typically deploy CS resources in their organizational structures?  What are the relationships between CS and Sales?  CS and Marketing?  What technologies are in use by CS teams?  If profession we are, where are we going with it?

The presentation is based on the ongoing research of The Customer Success Association and the direct personal experiences of three senior members of the worldwide Customer Success Community.  Each presenter will deliver a 10 minute overview, and then join the panel to take questions from the audience.

avatar for Mikael Blaisdell

Mikael Blaisdell

Executive Director, The Customer Success Association
Mikael Blaisdell is a recognized leading voice on the strategy, process, people and technology of customer retention and increased per-customer profitability.  His ongoing research and leadership of The Customer Success Forum  on LinkedIn provide a unique global view of the development... Read More →
avatar for Peter Lyon

Peter Lyon

Chief Revenue Officer, eSpatial
Peter Lyon is currently the Chief Revenue Officer for eSpatial. Responsible for the acquisition of new customers and retention of existing customers, Peter is scaling up all customer facing roles to enable further revenue growth. With over eight years implementing Customer Success... Read More →
avatar for Dan Steinman

Dan Steinman

CCO, Gainsight
Dan is Gainsight’s Chief Customer Officer and, in that role, has ultimate responsibility for Gainsight’s customer’s satisfaction and success. Customers are his passion going all the way back to his days as an SE at IBM. Dan’s career includes being a very early employee at... Read More →

Tuesday April 18, 2017 2:00pm - 2:45pm BST
Adelphi 2+3

3:00pm BST

A Programmatic Approach to Driving Collaboration with Sales, Product Marketing and Engineering
Limited Capacity seats available

A strong relationship between the Customer Success team and other functions in the organisation is vital.  A good way to build those relationships is to establish an effective foundation using the customer at the core, and then taking a programmatic approach across the company.  In this session, we will look at various case studies of how Customer Success teams have engaged with Sales, Product Marketing, Engineering and other groups.  Examples include:

  • Sales: Joint ownership of account plans
  • Product and Infrastructure: Escalation Mgmt programme
  • Marketing:  Customer Reference programme
  • NPS Surveys across all teams

avatar for Prasoon Ranjan

Prasoon Ranjan

Prasoon Ranjan is a former Salesforce customer success director, currently helping growth stage SaaS start-ups in Europe and India value their customers and deliver customer delight. At Salesforce, Prasoon was the customer success portfolio lead for India and directly managed its... Read More →

Tuesday April 18, 2017 3:00pm - 3:45pm BST
Executive Boardroom

3:00pm BST

Building the Customer-focussed Organization
Limited Capacity seats available

Sound familiar?  "We had our CSM’s, but the Customer Journey was not clear to the company as a whole.  Each team dealt only with their own silo, and there was hardly any cooperation.  We realized that we had to change the way we worked, to move from ‘silos’ to ‘squads’ that worked together to meet the customers’ needs."

Since we were young and agile, we thought we were very customer focussed and centric, when the reality was that we were sales-focussed. We found that we needed to change.

In this session, I’ll share the experience of making that change — what happened along the way, what worked, and what did not, and how we resolved it. Each touchpoint or transition point in the customers life is critical with your company. From sales to onboarding, to customer success, to support but also customer marketing, invoicing, etc.

You’ll walk away from this session with more insights on how to get your organization customer centric, and what to expect when making the change in the organization from thinking you are customer focussed to actually being customer focussed.

avatar for Martine Niermans

Martine Niermans

Principal, Q10 Consultancy
Martine has a passion for customer service and Customer Success. Due to her international upbringing she came in contact with different cultures from an early age. She took the best of all worlds in terms of service and this is how she takes customer success to the next level. She... Read More →

Tuesday April 18, 2017 3:00pm - 3:45pm BST

3:00pm BST

The Outsourcing of Customer Success
Limited Capacity seats available

Many enterprise companies focus their customer success management efforts on their top customer segment. It is often a fact, however, that the customer retention and adoption rates are much lower in the Tier 2 accounts. The reason? While there are many parties (PS, education, customer success, etc.) involved in Tier 1 care, Tier 2 and below clients tend to be much less frequently touched by a vendor organization post-sale because of cost and resource constraints.

A company with over 9,000 non-strategic Tier 2 customers faced the challenge of providing an appropriate level of customer success management.  Scaling the in-house Customer Success team to handle the workload for those Tier-2 customers was not financially viable.  The decision was to go with an outsourced delivery model which provided global coverage in the local languages, all set up and rolled out in about 12 weeks.  The resulting improvements in ARR were quite significant, incremental revenue was realized as a result of ongoing contact with the customers, and the program ROI after first year – extremely compelling.

This session will cover the original problem statement, the program design, the components of the solution and the outcomes after the first year in operation.

avatar for Victoria Spencer

Victoria Spencer

EMEA Lead, Customer Success & Advocacy, Oracle
Victoria Spencer is currently holding a position of EMEA Lead, Customer Success and Advocacy with Oracle Digital.  In her previous role as the Director of Worldwide Product Management and Customer Success with HP Software Support, she was globally responsible for managing the portfolio... Read More →

Tuesday April 18, 2017 3:00pm - 3:45pm BST

4:00pm BST

A Success Plan for Customer Success
Across the board, either directly stated or clearly implied, the responses to the Customer Success Research surveys and interviews show that Senior Management’s uncertain perception of the role and function of Customer Success is a definite problem confronting every CS team and its leadership.

The absence of a clearly understood and acknowledged mission has far-reaching effects.  Performance metrics for the team and its members are highly variable and confusing, even conflicting at times.  Budgeting and developing a solid ROI for the team is difficult.  Making the case for Customer Success technology is all but impossible.

Faced with such a challenge, as we all are, what can be done?  What is the Success Plan for Customer Success in your company?  For the profession as a whole?

Three senior members of the global customer success community will present examples of how they and others have perceived and responded to real-world challenges of the developing profession.

avatar for Mikael Blaisdell

Mikael Blaisdell

Executive Director, The Customer Success Association
Mikael Blaisdell is a recognized leading voice on the strategy, process, people and technology of customer retention and increased per-customer profitability.  His ongoing research and leadership of The Customer Success Forum  on LinkedIn provide a unique global view of the development... Read More →
avatar for Rav Dhaliwal

Rav Dhaliwal

Head of Customer Success: EMEA, Slack
Rav Dhaliwal has been working in the technology sector for the last 25 years. For the last 7 years Rav has built and lead teams in 3 hyper growth Software companies and as its first London employee is currently helping to build Slack's presence in the UK. This includes scaling its... Read More →
avatar for Cyrille Saulnier

Cyrille Saulnier

Director, Customer Success, Oracle
Focused on Customer Success and passionate about customer relationships, Cyrille has spent the last 12 years in various Customer Success positions, building and developing teams. After some time in start ups and emerging companies, he is now at Oracle, focusing on Digital Transformation... Read More →

Tuesday April 18, 2017 4:00pm - 4:45pm BST
Adelphi 2+3

5:00pm BST

Building a Success Framework for Your Organisation and Team
Limited Capacity seats available

For a Customer Success team to achieve success in their objectives, there needs to be solid foundations and belief system within your organisation. There are many ways to approach managing a successful Customer Success team within an organisation. How do you know where to start? What are the evolution milestones and triggers? What support does your team need? What size portfolio and level of customer contact? How do you get Senior Management and organisational buy-in?

Managing your internal customers, stakeholders and team is a vital strategy to success within any organisation. There are a number of tried and tested frameworks, each with their own benefits and challenges. In this session, we’ll look at:
  • The type of organisation in which you work
  • Foundations and belief system
  • Structure of the Customer Success team
  • Tools, delivery and communication
  • Demonstrating value to your organisation
  • Demonstrating value to your C-Suite

avatar for Kellie Lucas

Kellie Lucas

Founding Director, ForseLucas
Kellie Lucas is a Founding Director of ForseLucas, a new, exciting and formidable force within the Customer Success consultancy world. She is also the Director of Challenging Heights, a grass-roots NGO in Ghana, implementing the organisation’s new strategic plan of ending child... Read More →

Tuesday April 18, 2017 5:00pm - 5:45pm BST
Executive Boardroom

5:00pm BST

Enabling Customers to Own Their Change Management to Success
Limited Capacity seats available

How do you help customers who may not know how to address change management?  How do you get customers to be accountable for their own success?

Scaling change management and successful knowledge transfer are challenges that all CS teams face in working with their customers.  The effort also has impact on the teams’ own internal processes and communication as well.

In this session, we’ll look at best practices and tools for successfully helping customers to manage change in their organisations.  A worksheet will be provided to address:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Sponsorship
  • Piloting + measurements
  • Best Practices enablement
  • Communication + celebration

avatar for Sue Nabeth Moore

Sue Nabeth Moore

Principal, Success Track Enterprise
Sue is an active member of the Customer Success (CS) movement in Europe. Trilingual (French and German), after a career of different client-focused initiatives, she decided to dedicate her passion and energy to evangelising customer success in Europe. She has founded Success Trac... Read More →

Tuesday April 18, 2017 5:00pm - 5:45pm BST

5:00pm BST

Winning sponsorship, management buy-in, and delivering business value
Limited Capacity seats available

The key to delivering value is having a clear understanding of your customer’s strategic priorities and pains. This understanding helps you to focus on the right problems, deliver the right solutions, give relevant recommendations, and become a trusted advisor. Most CSMs and project teams; however, struggle to accomplish this. Why is that?

CSMs usually engage at the project level and discussions center around product features and functions, and case escalations. Senior stakeholders are reluctant to attend Quarter Business Review meetings, because project status, usage metrics, or support case statistics are not what they care about. However, engaging senior stakeholders, to understand their strategic priorities, is easier said than done. Why is this? What can be done to make CSM engagements and Quarterly Business Reviews more effective?

In this session, we will look at: ·     
  • Key challenges facing CSM’s and project owners in their efforts to deliver value.
  • Identify root causes.
  • Share best practices and discuss practical approaches to making CSM engagements more effective and strategic.

avatar for Tuan Pham

Tuan Pham

General Manager, Tilkon Gmbh
Tuan Pham is Founder & General Manager of Tilkon GmbH; a thought-leader and expert on Customer Success Management and aligning deliverables with strategic priorities. Prior to founding Tilkon GmbH, Tuan worked 8 years for Salesforce.com as a Customer Success Manager. Part of the original... Read More →

Tuesday April 18, 2017 5:00pm - 5:45pm BST

6:00pm BST

After the day's intensive knowledge-sharing and learning, it's time to relax and talk of many things.  The first two drinks are on us, the canapes will be excellent and the company incomparable. 

Tuesday April 18, 2017 6:00pm - 8:00pm BST
Palm Court